Sketch Cram @ UCBTLA, Feb '08

The UCB Sketch Cram is a show written, rehearsed, and performed in the span of one day. I wrote for the Feb '08 edition.

I co-wrote the Pirate Dinner Adventure with Chad Fogland, and shot the amaturish video you see here from my seat in the audience.

It was our last sketch of the night, and we assure you, the crazy stuff at the end of the video makes just slightly more sense in context.

Also, a snapshot of each other sketch from the show.

Dinosaur Boners, by Alex Berg, with Hal Rudnick, Seth Morris, and Drew DiFonzo Marks.

Juno Arrested, by Jonathan Smith, with Colton Dunn, Jason Horton, and Andie Bolt.

What do you think about..., by Neil Campbell,with Seth Morris and Amanda Sitko.

Family Newsletter, by Matt Manser, with Hal Rudnick, Cat Davis, Doug Jones, Marlene Maginot, and Amanda Sitko.

Space Docking, by Brandon Burkhart, with Marlene Maginot, Colton Dunn, Andie Bolt, and Doug Jones

Valentine's Gift, by Julie Whitesell, with Cat Davis and Drew DiFonzo Marks.

The Male Clitoris, by James Pumphrey, with Colton Dunn and Seth Morris

World's Smartest Man, by Ryan Perez, with Doug Jones and Jason Horton.

and a video by Justin Donaldson and Neil Campbell, with Kaiser and Mille, and online soon at


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