Animal Crackers - Trailer

This sure has been a long time comin'.

Animal Crackers is a project I usually shoot when time has run out. Two days before I'm due to pack up and move 500 miles away, while all the power in the northeastern United States is out, for instance. Or the day before I'm supposed to move back.

Anyhow, I plan to do a bit of pick up shooting and produce a documentary approximately ten times longer than the trailer you see before you.

Special thanks to Anthony Biscali and his brother for letting me follow them around for a while shooting when I can, as well as Hadley Stephans, Bob O'Baghenna, and Lloyd Franklin for agreeing to interviews, and especially Maura McConville for not only an interview but archival photos of her uncle Donald, who will be missed.

UPDATE: Blindingly special thanks to the understanding and kind people over at Stephans Animal Crackers Incorporated for their thoughful Valentine's Day desist order reminding me that they are not interested in participating in this documentary.

Trailer 1b, which eliminates visual reference to their proud and noble company, is 4.2Mb of Quicktime Video.

Or, download it for your iPod or Verizon Mobile Phone!

If you look closely, after Kraig is hit by the bus, he's still visible over The Jeff's shoulder.

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